About me

Hi! I am a Senior Research Scientist at Megagon Labs. Previously, I was a Visiting Scientist at the Human Dynamics Group, MIT Media Lab (2014-2016), and a Research Scientist at NTT Laboratories (2008-2014). I received my B.E., M.E, and Ph.D. (Dr. Eng.) respectively from Keio University, Japan.

My recent research focus is at the intersection of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Data Management. I also work on computational approaches for the social sciences (known as Computational Social Science.)

I’m a ramen enthusiast.

What’s New?


  • Q. Are you the famous green dinosaur?
    A. No. I’m not working with the famous Italian plumber, but both of us are originally from Japan. Yoshi means “good” in Japanese, and my full first name Yoshihiko means “a good boy”, which well describes myself. :)

  • Q. What is your favorite ramen place?
    A. Please contact me for my private list of the best ramen places. :)